COVID-19 Update

We have modified our service schedule to accommodate the changing needs in the pandemic.

New service schedule (until further notice):
    • There will be no children's ministries or nursery available.
    • Sunday Worship is at 10am, and Sunday Bible Study is at 6pm.
    • Wednesday Prayer Meeting is at 7pm.

Visitors are welcome and will be ushered to a vacant seat(s) or to the library overflow seating.

Here are some basic guidelines we are following:

      • Please wear a mask at all times in the building.  Masks are available if you need one.
      • If you are sick, please stay home and get better.
      • If you have had contact with anyone who has COVID-19, please wait a couple of weeks before coming to church.
      • Please refrain from handshakes, hugs, etc. with anyone outside your household group.
      • Please do your best to observe six-foot distancing when in the building.
      • Please do your best to limit bathroom occupancy to two at a time.
      • Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby and bathrooms.
      • Disinfectant wipes are available for use in the bathrooms.
      • Drinking fountains will be turned off and unavailable until further notice.
      • We will provide adequate ventilation in the building during the services: doors open, central fan on, and possibly A/C on.
      • The Fellowship Hall and Kitchen will not be used until further notice.
      • We will not be having potlucks or snacks until further notice.
      • Services are shorter than usual and the singing time may be reduced.

  • We will discontinue the use of bulletins until further notice.

We hope to see you here.

Pastor Ken